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Kathryn Dawber


Recruitment Manager

+44 (0)1925 907016

My story

When did you join First?

What experience do you have?
I started at First after graduating from university and joined the Operations Support team. Since that time I have progressed to roles in recruitment delivery and account management. I have supported clients across a range of sectors and in recent years have focussed heavily in the water sector.

What are your key responsibilities?
My role spans both recruitment delivery and account management activity. I ensure my team are focussed on delivering against the requirements we receive from our clients. I also manage a number of key accounts within the business and am responsible for their growth.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A teacher.

3 things you love?

Spa days, New York and French Martinis

"We have a good working relationship with First Recruitment and they always put every effort in to filling our positions whether it's on a permanent or contract basis. First have an honest and open approach to recruitment and their clients which is refreshing. First offer an excellent payroll service which compliments their overall delivery service to MWH Treatment."

Paul James, Recruitment Manager, MWH


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