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IT job opportunities are booming

According to a recent report by the State of European Tech, most European companies are experiencing a sharp increase in professional IT Developer job opportunities. The chart below shows the growth, comparing the number of professional developers in 2017 to those in 2016, across Europe.

Source: Stack Overflow

The consistent growth in the number of advanced research graduates in STEM, particularly Technology fields, seems to support this increase in professional IT Developer jobs. As reflected in the data below, the report revealed that the number of doctoral graduates in STEM fields has been growing consistently since 2000.

Source: OECD

“It is unsurprising that the developer population of Europe is increasing: software is eating the world. Developers are needed in every type of business, from AI to insurance. As demand for talent continues to outstrip supply, we are seeing a greater drive from both the public and private sector to enable more people to enter or extend their career in technology. Junior developers are now more likely to have been exposed to coding within their formal education, and we’re seeing a surge in demand for non-formal education amongst the wider developer population."

Sean Bave, Stack Overflow

First Recruitment Group’s Business Manager for the IT sector, Kevin Riley, added, “The desire to use Data and AI to drive commercial benefit is currently pervasive across all industry sectors. The continued demand, ever decreasing supply and global competition for tech talent, along with the friction in the system for cross border co-operations, will be defining success factors for UK businesses for the foreseeable future. Whilst the UK is currently the number 1 destination for top talent, there is stiff European competition.

“For today’s established and emerging tech talent, all the signs are good. Opportunity for interesting new challenges and learning new technologies has never been greater. Employers are prepared to raise wages to attract the very best.”

Our international clients are currently asking us to find:

  • DevOps skills for new projects relating to Drone delivery projects
  • BI specialists to work on international mining projects
  • Python developers to work on automated manufacturing projects.
  • C# developers for Environmental and Energy control systems

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