Career Pathfinder

We have specifically designed our Career Pathfinder section as a way to provide you with useful information on a variety of commercial and engineering roles, to help you find your way to a new career.

It can be daunting when deciding to go down a particular career path, as you ask yourself questions such as:

  • What skills and qualifications do I need?
  • Does the role have career progression opportunities?
  • What tasks will I be expected to do?
  • What salary can I expect to take?

Our Career Pathfinder aims to answer these questions to make it easier for you to decide your next step, whether that’s re-training or entering an industry for the first time.

Click here for information on a Commercial career
Click here for information on an Engineering career

You can also search all our vacancies using the search tool at the top of this screen too.

*Please note that these pages should be used as guidance and not a definitive list of what to expect from a job. Specific company job roles may vary according to their individual needs, and salaries can vary from company to company with location a factor too.


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