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Recruitment Managed Solutions

First Recruitment Group is here to meet all your recruitment needs in the best possible way.

That is why we have launched our sister company - Operam Managed Solutions.

We have set this up with managed solutions expert, Simon Woodhouse, who has over 30 years experience in delivering successful managed solutions across the globe.

Visit the website below to find out what this new service has to offer and how it can deliver real time and cost savings. There are a number of case studies and testimonials too.

Operam Managed Solutions

Experience tells us that every client is different, so Operam are focused on tailoring their solutions to best suit your individual requirements.

They focus on working in collaboration with you right from the beginning, undertaking an in-depth consultation, an efficient implementation process, and also putting processes in place to ensure that the solution delivers more benefits the longer it continues.

What makes Operam different?

  • Operam are tailored in their approach

The reason that every solution is different is that every business is different. They will work together with you to design unique solutions that enhance your processes, ensures compliance and ultimately reduce any risk involved in managing a large workforce.

  • Operam are focused on the long term benefits
They will not only managed the consultation and implementation stages, but their preference is to have an onsite presence to ensure that the solution continues to develop and grow as your business progresses over time. They aim to become an extension of your business who will work together with your in-house team to deliver the best results. It is an enhancement, not a replacement.

  • Operam are scaleable
They understand that workforce demand can increase and decrease over different points in time. All their solutions can be evolve and change in response to these changes.

Operam Managed Solutions can offer a number of different types of solutions for temporary, permanent and combined workforces. These might follow some of the models listed below:

Most of their solutions involve helping you to chose and implement a technology system, management of visibility, control and compliance to reduce risk.

If you would like to find out more visit the Operam website here.


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