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Recruitment Process Outsourcing – the straight forward solution

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service is designed to make the whole recruitment process really simple.

We have launched a sister company called Operam Managed Solutions which is dedicated to delivering successful managed services for our clients. That way they can act without bias and in your best interest.

Visit the Operam Managed Solutions website here to find out how they could help.

Operam will look at your recruitment processes and through collaborative consultation, will suggest how you can make improvements.

They could be involved in all or just parts of the recruitment process depending on your requirements, helping you to implement management technology (VMS), streamlining and engagement with your supply chain, compliance and reporting. It is a great way to gain control when you have a high volume of workers to manage. They can also help with the on and off boarding of candidates across the globe.

The service can be tailored to the size of your requirement and preferred ways of working. Often they will have a presence onsite, enabling them to work as an extension of your team with line managers and candidates, building stronger relationships, and suggesting more improves as time goes on.

What are the benefits?

  • Streamline your recruitment process. By placing an expert consultant onsite they are able to keep the work flow moving more quickly and suggest improvements
  • Increase efficiency. By reviewing your processes they can make suggestions based on 30 years of implementing similar solutions.
  • Reduce spend. They will review where you could save money, which could involve streamlining your supply chain and ensuring you get the best rates.
  • Increase quality of candidates. They are able to assess and understand the types of people best suited to your culture as well as your technical requirement, which is of equal importance, if you need assistance with recruitment resourcing.
  • Increase compliance and reduce risk. By implementing a VMS system it can help automate much of the administration, saving you time and ensuring tighter compliance.

Who would this solution benefit?

If you have a medium to large recruitment requirement, and would like to free up more time to focus on your core business, this solution would be perfect for you.

For a free consultation on how we could assist you with a managed solutions please call us on 01925 907000 or email recruit@firstrg.com


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