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Read the latest news, trends and insights in the IT sector to help you build your IT workforce.

Click here to read about the latest IT Security and cloud news.
We explore the potential benefits of 5G technology for the Oil & Gas sector and explore the cybersecurity risks 5G poses to remote communication and IoT networks.
Ahead of this year's UK Cloud Awards, we take a look at the trends within cloud innovation and the rise of hybrid cloud recruitment, with insights from 'cloud visionary' nominee Dave Strong.
Click here to read about the latest IT Security and cloud news.
Despite the acknowledging the risks involved, many businesses believe the benefits of remote work outweigh the risks. With insight from our IT Business Manager, we take a look at the risks involved and why they are being taken.
Despite Bill Gates predicting the death of passwords back in 2004, password use is at an all time high. We take a look at the latest development cyber security - Password Managers, and whether they're a safe solution.
According to a recent report by the State of European Tech, most European companies are experiencing a sharp increase in professional IT Developer job opportunities.


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