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Master Vendor Model

If you are looking for a master vendor solution then we could help.

We have launched a sister company called Operam Managed Solutions that specialises in providing managed solutions. We have developed this so that we can provide an unbiased service that acts in the best interest of the client.

By outsourcing to Operam as a master vendor they would not only streamline your recruitment processes and methodologies, but they would also be able to fill the vast majority of your vacancies through First Recruitment Group and our global network. If the vacancies could not be filled by the managed tier after an agreed period of exclusivity, the vacancies would pass to a lower tier. This would normally happen with some more niche roles that are outside of the core competence of the master vendor.

Click here to find out more about how Operam Managed Solutions could help your business.

Operam can provide this type of solution for temporary, permanent or combined recruitment needs.

They can managed everything from the recruitment agency suppliers, to the payroll process, ensuring legal compliance and transparent reporting.

The advantage of this process is that you will normally have an onsite presence that will manage the whole implementation stages as well as ongoing development.

During our consultation stage we will look at the following points to help you streamline your process:

  • Time to hire
  • Your quickest suppliers
  • Your top suppliers for delivery
  • The suppliers with the best CV to placement ratio
  • Those who are best at filling more niche roles
  • Are all your contractors compliant with industry regulations?
  • Any issues arising and suggested improvements.

Who is an MSP best suited to?

An master vendor model is best suited to a business with large workforce, where strict compliance is essential, sometimes across multiple sectors and locations.

We tailor our service to your need. If your requirement is substantial, our systems help us manage the complexity and make sure nothing gets missed along the way.

What are the benefits of a master vendor model?

  • Improved consistency and reliability. By allowing Operam and First Recruitment Group to manage the overall service for you, we achieve consistent rates, reporting and role-filling.
  • Better communication. In managing the whole process, we can deal swiftly with any issues that arise and keep you informed throughout the process.
  • Increased transparency and clarity. We would help you look at technology systems to assist you in the management of your workforce. This is called a vendor management system, making sure that roles are distributed in a timely fashion and giving you greater visability of your workforce.
  • Scalability and an agile workforce. By using our master vendor solution you can quickly expand or contract your recruitment needs accordingly, as we would tailor it to suit your needs.

For a free consultation on how we could assist you with a managed solutions service, please call us on 01925 907000 or email recruit@firstrg.com


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