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Hybrid Vendor Model

Are you looking for a master vendor solution that can also act as a neutral vendor when needed? Then our hybrid vendor models could suit you.

We have launched a new sister company called Operam Managed Solutions which is completely unbiased in its approach always acting in the best interest of the client.

When you use Operam Managed Solutions they will not only manage your supply chain filling all vacancies they can based on skill set and geography for a set period of time. They would then release the vacancies to agreed lower tiers. It could be necessary for you to want another supplier or supply chain to fill certain vacancies because strategically other suppliers could be more suited in terms of geography or skill set. If that is the case then Operam can act as a neutral vendor to manage this supply chain.

Operam can also help with payrolling, on and off boarding, compliance and reporting should you need it.

To find out more click here to visit the Operam Managed Solutions website

For a free consultation on how we could assist you with a managed solutions please call us on 01925 907000 or email recruit@firstrg.com


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