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5 reasons to choose a career in engineering

Engineering is most probably the most broad career choice out there. What exactly is it and why is it a good career path to take?

Simply put, engineering is the creative thinking and practical planning behind the design and construction of structures, materials, devices and systems. It isn’t a job that is tied down to one specific sector either, it’s diverse and because of this, many engineers decide to specialise in one particular industry. Here are just a few reasons why it’s great to work in engineering.

  • The possibilities are endless

There are a variety of different engineering career paths you can take, covering a wide range of industries such as energy, infrastructure, technology, mechanical and automotive. Here are some of the options:

  • Civil Engineers focus on the design of infrastructure such as roads, bridges and buildings
  • Mechanical Engineers focus on the maintenance of machinery
  • Piping Engineers could work across infrastructure or energy
  • Electrical Engineers could work across most sectors, for example, working on circuitry projects such as the insides of cars etc.

  • The salary is attractive

An Engineer starting out at junior level earns on average £20,000 and can progress up to director level, earning up to £200,000!* On average, an engineer earns approximately £40,000 per year so if you’re looking for a job in which you can live in comfort, engineering is certainly a big contender if you play your cards right.

  • No day is the same

As an Engineer, whether you work in a permanent position or as a contractor, no two days are the same. For contractors working within infrastructure for example, every project will vary meaning that one day you could be planning methodically at a desk and the next day you could be out in the fresh air on site getting hands on. However, if you work in an office as an IT Engineer for example, although you’ll be in an office every day, you could be constantly working on new projects to help improve the running of a business and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Both are equally as rewarding.

  • A profession in demand

Engineers of all shapes and sizes are very much in demand, especially in recent years. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are in a safe, stable job that has plenty of opportunity at all different angles. Particular industries in high demand are the Nuclear and Aerospace & Defence industries.

  • Looking to travel?

If you love travelling and experiencing new things, engineering may be the career for you. Following on from our last point in covering the level of demand for engineers, many contractors will travel around the world working on various projects. This can also give you flexibility as you could decide to work on an 8 month contract, for example, and then choose to spend the rest of the year with family. It’s all about finding the right balance that suits you and your personal commitments.

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*According to Glassdoor.


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