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8 Common Nonverbal Interview Mistakes

You have impressed a potential employer with your CV and successfully landed yourself an interview, but now what? The most important part of an interview is showcasing your experience and knowledge clearly. But what about the nonverbal side of the interview?

Understanding how your body language has an effect on your communication can give you the edge you might need, reflecting your personality and enthusiasm for the role. Using information sourced from resumewritinglab.com, we have put together an infographic highlighting the most common nonverbal mistakes made by interview hopefuls that often result in an unsuccessful interview.

It is worth noting that these ‘mistakes’ are only the opinion of the 2000 hirers interviewed, not of First Recruitment Group.

We have looked at a few of the mistakes highlighted to give you an insight into why these might be listed as things to avoid.

Failure to make eye contact

Not making or maintaining eye contact can often make a person look dishonest, or that they are hiding something. Not the message that a candidate wants to give to their potential employer.

Not smiling

When looking to employ someone, hirers not only want someone who can just do the job, but they want someone who will be a good fit within the rest of the team or organisation.

Crossing their arms over their chest

This is often viewed as defensive body language. If a candidate was to convey such defensive body language, it may look like they are hiding something which may influence an employer.

We hope that our quick guide and accompanying infographic has filled you with confidence to succeed in future interviews. For more guides like this, industry news or to view our current vacancies, register with us.


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