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Creating a great first impression when starting a new job

Congratulations! You’ve landed yourself a new job, taking an exciting next step in your career, but have you considered how you are going to make an impact with your first impression?

We asked our management team to tell us the key points to consider when starting a new job; here’s what they had to say…

Get to know your new company

You will likely have done a certain amount of research about the business during the interview stage. It is now time to delve a bit deeper to help you get a head start.

Stephen Clarke, Permanent Delivery Manager here at First says, “Take a look through social media, press releases and news articles, to get a real feel for what is happening currently in the business.

“Research will give a good insight not only into your new place of work, but into the wider business markets. You will also be ready to impress your new bosses when the information you have learned inevitably comes up in conversation.”

Make the first move with your new team

Building relationships within your team can ensure you start off strong in your new business.

Offer to make your team a brew, get to know each person’s role, and start to build a picture of different personalities and dynamics. If the structure allows for it, and it would benefit your role, be proactive and ask for a quick orientation meeting with key people within the wider business.

Ask questions

Our IT Business Manager, Kevin Riley, advises using the first few days to effectively be an information sponge, taking in every bit of information you can. He said, “Regularly working with clients and candidates in IT, I see the benefits of gathering and managing information, and always advise my candidates not to be afraid to ask questions.”

Nobody is going to pull you up for asking too many questions and it shows that you’re eager to get a greater feel of the business and how they work.

Dress appropriately

At your interview, take a mental note of how other people dress and adjust your attire to suit. Is it smart casual, business dress or just casual? This will help you to strike the right balance to fit in with the culture of the business.

If you don’t get the opportunity to see the team and how they dress, feel free to call ahead to ask about the dress code. The employers will appreciate this as it shows initiative and professionalism.

Take notes

Mark Wallace, Business Manager for our Oil & Gas division suggests that you should regularly take notes. “As well as mental notes, take lots of actual notes, especially within the first week.

“This doesn’t necessarily just mean taking notes on how to do different tasks, but also about who people are and what their roles are. If a name is mentioned, ask who that person is and what their role is. It might come in handy going forward, as this may be someone you need to work with. Making note of a person’s name may also save you the embarrassment of forgetting it in a later conversation!”

Get involved in staff events

Head of Marketing, Hannah Richardson, suggests getting involved with the social side of things where possible. “If your business is the kind to hold staff socials, make sure you get involved. Having organised the staff socials here at First Recruitment Group for a number of years now, and I can confidently say that they offer a great opportunity to interact with people that you wouldn’t necessarily interact with otherwise.

“Not only that, but who says business needs to be all work and no play? This kind of perk can be fun and help to make your work environment a much happier place as you get to know people a little better.”

We hope you found these tips useful and we wish you every success in your new job. You’ve got this!

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