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5 IT interview tips for permanent roles

Over the past few years the IT job market has continued to grow, a trend that is likely to continue further for years to come. This growth has brought with it a breadth of skills and requirements across many different permanent roles. Read our top 5 interview tips for IT candidates to help you navigate the process and find the best suited employer for you.

These tips could be useful if you are looking to land your first job from university, or if you are looking for the next step in your IT career.

1. Push your personality

IT is a technical subject, and involves a lot of quantitative data. There may be candidates that know the work front to back, but when looking to pick the successful applicant, the employer will also be looking at those who will fit as part of the team, or have the right attitude and personality. Be yourself, be friendly and show them how good you are.

2. Give honest answers to technical questions

Technical questions in an IT job interview usually require a very specific, well defined answer. If you don’t know this answer, admit it and discuss your thoughts – it’s better to do this than to make an incorrect guess that will make you look inept. If you’re torn between two answers, say so, explain your thinking and you will come across as well considered and knowledgeable.

3. Brush up on the basics

Your knowledge or experience in IT may be specialised, and you may have seldom worked outside of this field of expertise for a number of years, but if you’re now applying for a different role the interviewer may touch on areas that you haven’t thought about for some time. Be ready to answer a question or two on the foundations that a ‘jack of all trades’ IT candidate would be able to. Demonstrating that you know the foundations can be vital if you are to kick on into more advanced areas.

4. Express yourself

Interviews can be daunting, but remember that you will likely be interviewed by like-minded people who were once in your position. They likely have similar interests, particularly in the IT field. Don’t be afraid to discuss mutual interests, or pass comment on something that excites you about the work you do. As mentioned earlier, push your personality and let the interviewer see the person behind the knowledge.

5. Don’t curb your enthusiasm

If you’re excited about the role, let it show! If you can show, on top of all of your knowledge and experience, that the role excites you, it’s likely that this will influence the interviewer. Ask about further progression, or opportunities to learn more. The employer is likely looking for an investment, rather than someone who will simply do the basic job.

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