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REVEALED: UK’s best jobs of 2017

Thanks to well-known job review giant, Glassdoor, we now know what the best jobs to have in the UK are. In their latest report, they revealed the top 25 jobs of 2017 in the UK based on salary, job satisfaction, the number of vacancies that are available and the overall job score ratings.

Take a look at the top 10 jobs in our infographic.

Good news if you’re a Finance Manager. Last year they took the lead in first place, knocking Business Development Manager off the top spot from 2016. There were some interesting results further down the leader board. HR Manager dropped a place and the Solutions Architect profession jumped up a staggering 7 places, going from 15th to 8th.

Marketeers looked promising in 2016, placing 5th (Marketing Manager) and 11th (Marketing Analyst), but last year we saw the likes of Design Manager and Supply Chain Manager creeping up to takeover positions 3 and 7.

We hope you find these stats as interesting as we do. Time for a career change? Find your dream job using our search tool.

Source: https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/List/Best-Jobs-in-UK-LST_KQ0,15.htm


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