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Tips to Help You Get the Best from Your Interview

A face to face interview can feel a daunting task, and one for which you’ll need to prepare in order to do your best.

Interview Tips

Yet you may be the best person for the job so it pays to overcome any emotions that may be holding you back.

Here are some simple techniques for a successful interview.

Tip 1. Always prepare

Preparation is key to overcoming nerves and getting you ready for those tough questions. The more you get to know a company before the interview the better. Can you find out how the marketplace is doing? How is it affecting your prospective employer? What sectors and services span the whole business? Which countries do they work in? Who owns them?

You can also try and pre-empt questions they might ask and practice your answers. Standard interview questions pop up regularly such as: “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” and “Why do you want this job?” If you’re not prepared, you could risk a missed opportunity. If you’ve tailored your CV to the employer or role, make sure you know your CV inside out to ensure you’re credible in the interview.

Even researching the person interviewing you could make all the difference. Perhaps you’ve worked for the same company or lived in the same place. Your recruitment consultant may be able to help with this. Finding common ground will also help you to relax.

Tip 2. Make the right impression

Dressing smartly has been a tradition for years and is still important. It indicates your professionalism and respect for the employer. No matter what job you are going for, first impressions count. Shake hands when you arrive and also when you leave.

Speak clearly. Avoid the temptation to talk too fast, don’t let the interviewer miss your best selling points. Take a deep breath, slow down and even pause after each significant point.

Always take a pen and paper. And have a list of questions for the employer. It shows you’ve researched the company and role, and shows you are prepared to learn and listen. Make these questions count – do they provide training, is there room for career progression, what are they looking for in an ideal candidate, how will success in the role be measured, is there anything they think you are lacking in? If you ask this last question, be prepared to address their doubts and explain how you are suited to the role.

Tip 3. Stand out

No we don’t mean wear a funny hat or a brightly coloured scarf.

What we do mean is, be remembered for what you can offer them:

  • How can you personally benefit their business?
  • If you can identify a way to go the extra mile in your interview, do it.
  • Can you offer advice to a problem they’ve mentioned, based on your experience?

Perhaps you could take a pre-prepared report to your interview that shows how you meet their job description; as a way to impact the role before you even start.

Whatever it is, your interview preparation will help, as well as your ability to listen for key points mentioned during your interview too.

Be confident in yourself

Above all, you must believe you are the best person for that role.

If you don’t believe in yourself, neither will the employer.

If you don’t get the role, stay positive, always ask for feedback and learn from the experience. It will help you improve your techniques for the next interview.

If you have any questions about an interview you have with us, you can call us on 01925 907000 or email recruit@firstrg.com


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