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7 ways to create a great company culture

There are three things at First Recruitment Group that our employees say they love about working here. The atmosphere in the office, the people they work with and the career progression opportunities. Do you know what your employees enjoy most about working at your company? If not, here are some ways you can find out and how to create a friendly company culture.

1. Identify what kind of people you want working for you

Revise your core values and think about what kind of team you’re wanting to create. This will give you a clear indication as to what kind of people you should be looking to hire and identify the key personality traits required in a candidate/employee in order for them to fit in with your company.

2. Keep your staff in the loop about company happenings

If employees feel like they’re working as a team to help the company succeed, they’re more likely to put in the work. The better you treat your employees, the more you get from them. Think about having annual or quarterly company presentations to go over where the business is up to and announce any changes so that everyone is on the same page.

3. Hold performance reviews

A good way to keep your team focused is to have 1-2-1 performance reviews every 6 months or so to go over their achievements since the last time you spoke, and also to see if they have any concerns or questions they’d like to discuss. Even though you may speak every day/week, it’s good to check in every so often with your employees to make sure they’re still happy and nothing’s changed in terms of how much they enjoy their job.

4. Offer useful perks that staff will use

Many companies offer ‘perks’ such as free on-site parking and a pension scheme, which is great, but at the same time don’t really stand out compared to other employers. Think about what you would find amazing to have as a work perk. At First Recruitment Group, we have a free on-site gym and have our very own in-house café, not forgetting the quarterly company-paid staff socials! Think how you can stand out from the crowd… can you offer flexible working for parents? Can you provide a healthcare service? All these little things matter to employees.

5. Ask for feedback

When in a senior position, you may not necessarily see what goes on day to day in the office/within the company which is why it’s a good idea to get feedback on how you can improve and make the workplace better. To get honest opinions, it’s a good idea to set up an anonymous platform where your employees can be truthful. It’s important to take this feedback on board and try to make changes where possible so that your team feels like they’ve been listened to, and therefore will feel valued.

6. Recognise hard work & achievements

No matter how big or small said achievement is, it’s still a step in the right direction. Whether it’s a case of saying well done or whether it’s worthy of something more, such as a gift voucher or even a paid trip somewhere, it’s still worth celebrating. Going back to how to make employees feel valued, this is certainly on the list.

7. Get to know your staff outside of work

Lastly, get to know the people who are playing vital roles in developing your business as themselves, away from their desks. A good way to do this is by arranging staff socials every couple of months. A few examples, which we have done with our team in the past, are things such as a karaoke night, The Crystal Maze and also Chester Races. Allow your staff to let their hair down a little and get to know them on more of a personal level. You never know what you could find out about a person that you could then help them with further down the line.

We hope these tips help you to create a better, more modern workplace.

If you like the sound of our company culture at First Recruitment and think you might be a good fit for our business, make sure you check out our careers section of our website.


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