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How AI can help recruit the best talent

Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming less a thing of the future and more a necessity of the now within businesses, especially when it comes to recruiting. Every business is fighting to attract the best talent and there are now quite a variety of solutions to help boost your hiring process.

  • Improving the candidate experience
One of the biggest types of AI that is taking the recruitment world by storm are chatbots. Cleverly engineered virtual assistants that can speed up your hiring process whilst also improving the candidate experience. This is down to the quick responses of the chatbots whilst also assisting in reducing the time to hire. It’s vital that your candidate experience is on top form so that they feel a sense of trust whilst also ensuring they feel valued as a candidate. A few excellent software’s to take a look at include Entelo and Olivia.

  • Compatibility testing

For many oversees contractors, video calls are the only way to communicate with potential employers. Thanks to Paññã, an artificial intelligence technical hiring platform, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Paññã is designed to effectively be the interviewer of a video interview, and as part of that, it can monitor things such as whether the candidate continuously looks away from the screen, suggesting they’re using cue cards, as well as being able to act intuitively being able to ask a varied selection of questions and also comes with facial recognition. Simply put, its purpose is to determine whether or not the candidate would be a good match for the company, before the company and candidate even have contact.

  • Helping your job advert stand out

This next piece of technology is a must have with the hundreds of thousands of job adverts currently being posted online every day. Meet Textio, the augmented writing platform that helps you write unique content that will stand out from the crowd. In a world where your generic job ad could quite easily get lost in a sea of opportunities, it’s crucial you’re writing the advert that is going to catch the eyes of the right candidates. “Augmented writing is fuelled by massive quantities of data, contributed by companies across industries and around the world. Textio’s predictive engine uses this data to uncover meaningful patterns in language, guiding you to stronger communication and better business outcomes”.

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