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UK Employment Statistics: UK employment reaches a record high of 76%

The Department for Work and Pensions announced yesterday that the UK employment rate is now at a record high, with over 1 million fewer people registered as unemployed than in 2010.

Despite uncertainty over Brexit affecting numerous industries within the UK, the rate of unemployment has continued to fall, reaching 3.9 per cent in Q1 2019 – the lowest recorded figure since 1974.

The number of job vacancies across the UK has also remained high according the latest data from Office for National Statistics (ONS), as increases in wage growth reflect the rising demand for skilled candidates and the aggressive competition among employers to attract them.

The latest UK employment statistics: Take a look at our infographic below for a summary of the key facts and trends in the UK jobs market.

Growth in Oil & Gas and IT employment

As a UK based recruitment agency, First Recruitment Group have also observed similar strong employment trends, with clients increasing their workforce growth plans across several industries, particularly within the Oil & Gas and IT sectors.

The UK Oil & Gas market continues to stabilise as clients start work on new and varied projects around the North Sea, with an increasing need for both contract and permanent roles.

Technology wages and vacancies have continued to increase across all our key sectors of Oil & Gas, Nuclear and Water for example, as many businesses are upgrading their IT infrastructure to combat the growing threats to IT security within the UK and raise overall business efficiency.

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Article source: Department for Work & Pensions


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