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Ghanaian employment rises 174% in 5 years

Ghana's energy sector is on the brink of something big, according to Mohammed Amin Adam, the Minister of Energy in charge of petroleum for Ghana.

Speaking at the Africa Oil Week Conference in Cape Town, Adam confidently stated that the country can expand oil production from “180,000 - 200,000 BPD (barrels per day) to 500,000 BPD” within six years.

According to Adam, this growth is on top of an already robust economic foundation, stating that between 2013 and 2017, he witnessed a total service value worth US$8.2 billion paid to companies in the Ghanaian Oil & Gas industry.

Ghanaian employment ambitions

When questioned about employment in Ghana’s Oil & Gas industry, he added “the industry has seen substantial growth - from 4,120 Ghanaians in employment in 2013 to about 13,000 as of October 2018; an increase of than 174 percent, signifying the industry’s rapid growth.”

The industry has seen substantial growth - from 4,120 Ghanaians in employment in 2013 to about 13,000 as of October 2018

Adam went on to explain that it is not only exports that Ghana’s Oil & Gas industry is looking to satisfy, but that domestic demand can also be met, supporting a healthy Ghanaian economy. "We are able to refine crude both for Ghana and—as a tolling refiner— refine other countries' crude for onward export [to Ghana's neighbours]."

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Oil & Gas companies are increasing their workforce in Ghana

When asked about the potential of Ghana’s energy sector, Martin Aye-Addo, First Recruitment Group’s Business Manager for Oil & Gas in Ghana said, “The Oil & Gas industry is only 10 years old, yet it is making huge waves in education and job opportunities, which is why we feel we are best placed to help with this growth.”

Lewis Trow, Client Development Director, added, “We have seen a large increase in job opportunities from our Oil & Gas clients in the past 12 months alone. This is due to developing new relationships with clients in Ghana, whilst delivering excellent results through our international Oil & Gas recruitment division.”

First Recruitment Group’s increased presence in Ghana allows us to support our clients through a period of fantastic growth and beyond. Martin is supported by a local team who take full operational responsibility for arranging payroll, visas, work permits, taxes, local support and of course recruitment.

To discuss how First Recruitment Group can help with your Oil & Gas recruitment needs in Ghana and beyond, email us now at recruit@firstrg.com, or call us on +44 (0)1925 907000.






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