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10 tips for surviving and succeeding at work

08 Aug 2017

We are experts in finding you the right job, but what happens when you get that coveted role? We’ve put together a light-hearted list of tips that we have gathered over the years to help you survive, succeed and thrive at work.

1. Build allies

  • Build allies at work by helping out a co-worker or sharing the credit for a project, even if you did most of the work.

2. Get involved in work social events

  • Get involved in work social events. No you don’t need to get drunk and stay out all night, but you’ll be surprsed at the effect it has on building a closer team, and showing your boss that you are invested in company morale.

3. Look after yourself

  • Look after yourself. It can be tempting to start work early, finish late and work through your lunch break, just to get ahead. But how productive are you? Take regular breaks, get plenty of rest away from work, and watch your productivity levels rise. Work smarter not longer.

4. Say thank you

  • Say thank you when someone goes out of their way to help you. You could buy them a chocolate bar or make them a brew as a token of your appreciation.

5. Don't be stingy with the drinks round

  • Don’t be stingy with the drinks rounds. We’ve all noticed those people who never offer to make anyone a drink at work but always say yes if offered. Get that good energy flowing by offering to make a brew or get everyone in your team a drink of water.

6. Stay in touch with past colleagues

  • Stay in touch with past colleagues. You don’t need to stay in contact with everyone, but you never know how useful their connections will be for future vacancies or business opportunities.

7. Stay out of office gossip

  • Stay out of office gossip and negativity. If you hear a rumour then keep it to yourself. If someone is complaining about someone else, don’t get involved, especially when it involves your boss.

8. Be a problem solver

  • Be a problem solver. Many people may have noticed a problem, love to complain, but don’t care enough to fix it or offer a solution. If you can see a way to fix it, talk to your boss and offer to sort it out. This could be the difference between doing a good job and doing a great job to get that promotion.

9. Praise good work

  • Praise good work. This does not mean praising ALL work as otherwise people may not value your praise as highly. Genuine praise and encouragement for a job well done or going the extra mile will be better appreciated.

10. Don't eat at your desk

  • Eat in your staff dining area, not at your desk. Stay on the good side of your work colleagues and don’t eat smelly food at your desk.

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