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8 best jobs to have in the summer heat

21 Jun 2017

Over the past week or so the UK has been hit with temperatures soaring over 28 degrees Celsius. Therefore, we thought we would share some of the best jobs to have when it’s a little warmer than usual. We can all dream, right?

1. Water Slide Tester

Salary: Around £20,000.

Perks: You get paid for being on holiday, you have the opportunity to travel the world and you won't be sat inside wishing you were testing out water slides.

2. Swimming Pool Technician

Salary: Up to £35,000

Perks: You’ll be staying active, the chances are that you’ll catch a fabulous tan and being outdoors is a great way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D.

3. Ice cream taster

Salary: Up to £41,000

Perks: Just like John Harrison you'll get to taste up to 20 million gallons of the deliciousness in your lifetime, you’ll have the chance to suggest and combine ingredients to create completely new flavours and you'll always be able to cool down if you're feeling the heat.

4.Wine/Beer Taster

Salary: Newcomers earn up to £18,000 and experienced tasters earn up to £35,000.

Perks: What could be better than sipping alcohol on a hot summer’s day? You have the opportunity to suggest ways to improve the quality of the wine/beer made and you can expand your knowledge of the love of your life… wine & beer of course!

5. Festival & Event Planner

Salary: £20,000+

Perks: The result of your hard work ends with an immense atmosphere, great music and the glorious sunshine, you’ll get the chance to interact with stars (depending on the festival/event) and it's been scientifically proven that being outdoors makes you feel more positive and productive.

6. Surfing Instructor

Salary: Varies

Perks: You get to spend 8 hours a day on the beach, you’ll receive the satisfaction of making a difference to your pupils and you can do what you love and catch a great tan in doing so (don't forget the sun cream though!).

7. Grounds Keeper

Salary: Up to £26,000

Perks: You’ll feel right at home enjoying the weather whilst doing a spot (or a lot!) of gardening/grounds keeping., you’ll feel relaxed and enjoy the sounds of the birds tweeting and the trees blowing around the grounds and it’s a proven fact that the outdoors helps improve your vision.

8. Private Island Caretaker

Salary: Varies depending on location.

Perks: You’re on an everlasting holiday, you’ll never be bored as there are lots of things to take care of and it's a fantastic adventure that allows you to travel and see things you've never seen before.

So there we have it. Whether you work indoors or outdoors in this wonderful weather, be sure to top up the sun cream before stepping foot out the door. For now, we’re off to taste ice cream!

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