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8 essential LinkedIn profile tips

Your LinkedIn profile can be a useful tool in helping you to find a new job, with your online profile effectively becoming an online CV of your work experience. That is why many recruiters, hiring managers and industry professionals see it as an essential tool in finding new candidates to fill their job vacancies.

Follow our LinkedIn profile tips below to help put you ahead of the competition and land that dream role.

Ensure contact information is up to date

The first step is to ensure that any contact information is up to date. Any success that may come off the back of any job search would be wasted if recruiters and hiring managers cannot get in touch with you. Make it as easy as you can for people to communicate with you.

Use a professional photo

Research has shown that LinkedIn profiles that have a picture are 11 times more likely to be viewed. ‘Professionalism’ should be the priority here, as you work to reinforce your personal brand. Use a recent photo of yourself in office attire, with a simple background, for example.

Use key words in your profile

Recruiters often search for candidates using a set of keywords from the job description or by using a selection of similar job titles; you want to make sure that you’re appearing in these searches. For example, if you are a Structural Engineer looking to work in the Oil & Gas industry, include keywords such as ‘Offshore’, ‘Oil’, ‘Gas’, ‘Gas’ and ‘Engineer’ throughout your profile, along with any key competences or skills.

Write an effective summary

This is your opportunity to sell yourself and really stand out using 2-3 sentences. Think of it as an opening gambit, or the summary paragraph at the top of your CV, including information that highlights your skills and capabilities. Mention your areas of expertise, key projects or achievements, management experience and any essential qualifications. The summary should be concise, punchy, and packed full of content.

Join groups and participate

Groups on LinkedIn exist across practically all sectors and specialist areas. These groups offer a great opportunity for likeminded people to share content, offer advice or steer people in the right direction, when you need advice on a work related topic. Find a group that matches your area of expertise, and use it to digest relevant industry, career driven content, increase your market knowledge and confidence in your field. The more you interact with these groups, the more you are likely to get out of them.

Get recommendations & endorsements

Your business reputation is a powerful thing, so an excellent recommendation is essentially a publically visible testimonial or reference. Contact those people you have worked with and provide your own recommendations for them, then follow up by asking if they could also provide one for you. Think about those clients, colleagues that you have worked with best and produced the best results for.

Endorsements are similar to recommendations but are not written posts – a person can simply click to ‘endorse’ a skill that you have put on your profile. As with recommendations, don’t be afraid to endorse the skills of others; chances are they will return the favour.

Follow your dream companies

Follow companies that you’d love to work for. Why not keep up with the best? Seeing a company’s news and updates will keep you in the loop of what is happening in that industry and at that particular company. These bits of information can be used when planning your own movement, and can be strategically referenced throughout a CV or cover letter when applying for related jobs.

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Once you’ve followed our LinkedIn tips and your profile is looking as good as it can do, it is a good idea to check that your CV reflects the same positive image. Check out our article here for tips on enhancing your CV.

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