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9 tactics to get ahead at work

Are you a go-getter, a do-er? Do you look at the big picture and feel determined to reach your goals? If so, then we want to boost your journey to success, helping with some simple tips to get ahead at work.

Define your success

Success means different things for different people. Some people believe being rich and famous is the definition of success, whilst others have the opinion that making a difference to people’s lives is what success truly is. Ask yourself what it would mean for you to be successful, what goals you have and in what time would you like to achieve them? Once you’ve defined what success means to you, you can then create a plan of action and get to work on achieving those goals.

Dress to impress

Many businesses have updated their dress code to be more casual/smart, reflecting modern times as many offices are not customer facing. However, the way you dress can also affect the way you feel. Dressing smarter can put some people in a more driven professional mind-set. Try dressing smarter to see if it affects your work mind-set.The key is to find what works for you.

Better yourself in your spare time

There is always room for improvement be that professionally or personally. Bettering yourself could mean taking on work-based training in your spare time to help further your career. It could also mean bettering yourself personally by learning a new language, learning a new creative skill such as sewing, or joining a running club, that means you feel more confident in yourself. A happy work-life balance can make a real difference and will reflect in your success at work.

Build relationships

Offer help where you can. If you see someone staying late looking a little under pressure, and you have the capacity to help, see if there is anything you can do. Even if you don’t have the time to specifically help, asking how they are can make them feel less alone – you may have a solution that they hadn’t thought of. Encouraging an environment of mutual support makes for a much more productive and happier workplace.

Be friendly and approachable

Be the person everyone looks forward to seeing each day due to their consistent positivity. Be the friendly face your office needs. It’ll have more of an impact that you think.

Avoid negativity

Don’t get involved in office gossip, especially if the rumours are about one of your team members or your boss. Stay respectful and avoid joining in the conversation. Keep confidential or personal information to yourself.

Make time for downtime

If you’re constantly grafting at work, you are at risk of neglecting yourself and your home life. In order to stay mentally charged, it’s important to rest up and spend quality time with family and friends. This will contribute to a positive energised attitude when you get to work.

Create a portfolio of all your work

By making a note of all your achievements, it’ll help motivate you when times get tough, as well as being a great reference for appraisals and reviews you have. Remember that project you absolutely nailed last year? Its results like that that keeps the fire in your belly.

Set an example for others in your business

Act as if you’re already the person you want to be. Want to be a director in your business? Think about how they would act in themselves and adapt to that mind-set. Create a persona that people look up to and respect. Soon enough it will be noticed and your hard work and determination will pay off.

So there we have it. Be sure to tweet us or write to us on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages to let us know if there are any other tips you think help get ahead at work.


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