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The importance of keeping your CV up to date

Your CV is much more valuable than you may think. It’s a platform to showcase your experience, an opportunity to prove you’re right for a job at an employer’s first glance, and you never know when you may need it.

You may only need to update your CV once in a blue moon when you are looking for your next career move, but here are 3 reasons why it is a great idea to keep your CV fresh and up to date.

  • Internal opportunities

There may be a time where a new, exciting opportunity may arise within your current organisation, and you want to be the first one to be considered for the position. However, if you haven’t updated your CV in a while but somebody else has, they have a good chance of getting in before you, which is why it’s important to continuously update your CV when you have achieved something significant. Remember, a CV is a working progress.

  • A sudden turn of events

One day you might come to the conclusion that your current job just may not be your dream job after all, or perhaps there have been a number of redundancies and you were hit with the same bombshell. Anything can happen, which is another reason why always having an up to date CV is so important, so that you are ready for anything.

  • Acknowledging achievements

Updating your CV can help boost your confidence by reminding you of all the great work you’ve done over the last few months. Be sure to include any projects you have worked on and work you have done to help contribute to the company’s success. Some of these accomplishments may get brushed to one side and forgotten about but if you make a note of them on your CV as you go along, it not only makes it easier to remember all the hard work you’ve been a part of, but also contributes to helping us feel good and confident in the work we do.

Things to think about when working on your CV

Some key things to help make your CV fresh and eye-catching is to go over your skills and add in any new ones you have learned and picked up along the way.

Be sure to include any significant achievements or successful projects you have been a part of as and when they come up. Also remember that with many CV’s being found online in today’s day and age, it’s getting increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.

A good way to give you a head start is to include keywords where possible throughout your CV so that if an employer or recruiter are searching for someone with your particular skillset, you’re more likely to be found quicker and easier.

If you’re wanting to jazz up the look and feel of your CV, take a look at our CV writing tips article here.


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