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Interview do's and don'ts - Part 2

20 Jun 2017

We're hoping you've read part 1 of our interview do's and don'ts, so we've got you covered for the do's. But what about the don'ts? We all know how daunting interviews can be, we’ve all been there. Sometimes when there isn’t much time to prepare we often find ourselves focusing on the things that may or may not come up and forget about the simplest of interview practices. So we’ve collated a selection of the dos and don’ts when it comes to an interview so that you’re fully prepared.

Check out part 1 of this article, the do's, here.


  • DON’T wing it. It’s always worth being too prepared than not prepared at all, otherwise you run the risk of being caught off guard and totally ruining your chances of getting your perfect job. Nobody wants that. Do your research, have questions and answers at the ready and even though you’ll still have a lot to learn, it shows you’re willing to put in a good effort even prior to your interview.
  • DON’T talk too much. Here’s a key bit of information, you have approximately 90 seconds before your interviewer starts to lose interest in what you’re saying. Think before you answer a question, make your point but keep it brief. You also wouldn’t want to end up saying something that your interviewer didn’t need to know and potentially makes them question whether you’re right for the role.
  • DON’T dress casually. Did you know that 65% of employers say that when choosing between 2 candidates with the same qualification, their final decision is based on what the candidates wore? Even if you know their usual office attire is casual, you’re going to be better off being on the safe side by wearing formal business wear. That means for guys, shirt, tie, smart shoes and trousers (you can even throw a blazer in there to make an extra special first impression) and for the girls smart trousers/formal skirt, and a nice shirt/blouse.
  • DON’T stand out for the wrong reasons. It’s great to stand out from the crowd, that’s what your potential employer is looking for. What we mean by this is don’t drown yourself in perfume or cologne right before you walk into the interview, don’t wear too much makeup and try not to wear anything flamboyant colours that are going to be distracting for your interviewee.
  • We hope you found these tips useful, be sure to let us know what you thought of this article and what you'd like to see from us in the future. Good luck, job go-getters!


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