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Learning at work: Q&A with our training programme manager

We interviewed our Training Programme Manager, Sharon Kenyon, to discuss the First Recruitment Group training programme and the opportunities it brings.

Q1: What’s your training background?

During my 12 years at First, I have worked in recruitment, account management, team management, whilst always seeking the next challenge. In April 2017, I was given the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience by becoming the company’s in-house Training Manager. This has allowed me to develop my career and skills whilst helping others to develop, which is very rewarding.

Q2: What does the training programme entail?

We took the strategic decision to hire 1 or 2 trainees at a time so that we could provide the attention they need to be successful in recruitment. This has really paid off. For the first 2 weeks, they shadow me, watching how I use the system, how I speak on the phone, allowing them to ask as many questions as they like to ensure they understand what I’m doing and why it needs to be done. In the meantime, we have training sessions covering all aspects of recruitment giving them tasks to complete, whilst learning on the job too.

Q3: What has been your highlight of the job so far?

I love seeing trainees, who haven’t been in the business very long, receive an award at our company quarterly presentations. It’s a bit of a proud parent moment and it’s nice to know that I get a bit of recognition from it too because I’ve helped them get to where they are. Another highlight was when we had a new team member join who sat with me for two weeks. When another trainee started she said to me “what I really like about you is the fact that you take a minute to analyse a person and you train them differently, according to their personality and needs”. That was really nice to hear. I certainly believe that not one shoe does fit all and so you have to adapt to that particular person.

Q4: What do you enjoy most about your job?

My favourite thing about this job is working with such a variety of people who are all willing to learn. We have trainees join the team and go on to be successful recruiters who have come from backgrounds in sports therapy, nursing and even breweries! To be successful in recruitment it’s often about having the right personality and attitude, rather than specific qualifications.

Further training at First

At First Recruitment Group, we care about the progression of our staff which is why we offer all of our employee’s courses to go on to help improve their skills and knowledge to ensure we have the very best recruiters and back office staff. Previously, we have had employee’s complete ILM Management courses, Recruitment Management Training courses and also CIPD Level 3 qualifications. We are also proud to be offering apprenticeships in the very near future.

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