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Oil & Gas Engineers Top the Highest Paid Salary Survey 2018

Following a recent Engineering Salary Survey, we have the down low on what the best paying Engineering jobs are in the UK today, and it seems Oil & Gas are number one. Check out our infographic below.

The survey revealed some interesting results, with Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Medical industry, as well as Materials, Telecoms, Utilities and Electronics Engineers salaries all decreasing by an average of £1k per year compared to 2017.

Oil & Gas Engineer roles also saw a marginal decrease in 2018 compares to 2017, but this is most likely down to the decrease in directors pay, dropping an average of £15,000 from £81,805 to £66,795 in the last year, meaning it’s still a very promising sector to work in.

The UK Energy, Renewables & Nuclear Engineering salaries look to remain stable this year along with the Aerospace and Materials salaries.

The Food, Drink and Consumer Goods side of things gives a positive outlook for junior engineers and graduates looking to kick start their career, with the average salaries bouncing from the overall lowest salary across all sectors at £24,954 in 2017, to a more respectable £27,802.

To conclude, the world of Engineering is continuing to thrive for all types of engineers.

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