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Free factsheet on IR35 and private sector

In April 2017 IR35 reforms hit the public sector, leaving the fee-paying client with the responsibility for checking off-payroll workers tax status.

HMRC’s recent consultations on IR35 strongly suggests that they will implement similar changes into the private sector in April 2019, if not the following year.

Businesses will be expected to manage the IR35 status of their whole off-payroll workforce.

We are therefore consulting with our clients to help them effectively learn from public sector reforms, and deal with the potential changes to their private sector workforce.

Download our free IR35 factsheet

Gain a better understanding of IR35 and how it could potentially affect the off-payroll workforce by downloading our factsheet today. Simply complete and submit the form to your left. It includes:

  • What happened when IR35 was implemented in the public sector?
  • What are the potential changes to be implemented in the private sector?
  • What are the implications for you as a business with off-payroll workers?

Until exact reforms are announced in November 2018, we can’t know the full extent of the changes. However, we can help you understand the current situation and start making preparations.

Chat to our Client Development Director today

If you would like to an informal conversation about this potentially game-changing legislation, you can contact our Client Development Director, Lewis Trow by emailing lewis.trow@firstrg.com


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