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Resourcing Manager

Job Type:


Resourcing Manager


12 Month Contract

IR35: Inside


Our Client has a requirement for a Resourcing Manager, who will be required to work on a 12 month contract basis, in Warrington.


Purpose of the Role - To develop and deliver the Resource Management Plan that ensures the Client resourcing needs are proactively identified, understood, and satisfied and that resource management performance metrics are continuously improved upon.


Key Accountabilities:

  • Development and implementation of Resource Management Model (inc. processes, systems, tools, & reports).
  • Identify and implement opportunities for continuous improvement w.r.t. Resource Management Model.
  • Facilitate development, maintenance, and use of the Demand and Provision forecasts (in conjunction with SMPro where appropriate & necessary).
  • Based upon Demand and Provision Forecasts, identify upcoming capability gaps and provide / facilitate suggested courses of action.
  • Facilitate development and maintenance of workshare forecasts (in conjunction with Operations Manager).
  • Facilitate identification and recommended allocation of upcoming work packages (escalating where necessary).
  • Lead and / or support and / or resource management initiatives as appropriate (e.g.career paths, graduates / apprenticeships schemes etc).
  • Develop and maintain Resilience Plans and Succession strategies for key Resources.
  • Ensure compliance of Resource Management Processes with Contractual, Site License, GDPR, and other requirements.
  • Develop and maintain knowledge of supply chain capability in order to correctly identify possible SC support partners and with a view to identifying gaps, and / or partner opportunities.
  • Monitor Head-count statistics in order to identify variances / trends / risk / opportunities that require intervention.
  • Lead on Resource Management Reporting (with Support from Resourcing Co-ordinator and Operations Teams).
  • Lead on IR35 Matters.
  • Lead on the initiatives and interventions required to bring about a continuous improvement to Resource Management Performance Metrics.
  • Liaise collaboratively with partners and / or demanders on resourcing matters as appropriate.
  • Chair resource management forums as appropriate (e.g. partner resource management group).
  • Represent the client on resource management matters.
  • Develop, maintain, and monitor effectiveness of Resource Allocation Strategy.
  • Identify succession and / or redeployment opportunities to retain tacit knowledge.


Key Attributes 

  • Personally generates new ideas and innovative solutions.
  • Stimulates and encourages creative thinking in others.
  • Questions the status quo and actively pursues new approaches
  • Actively looks for ways to promote and sustain a safe working culture
  • Introduces relevant value adding ideas, best practice and innovation from arenas and / or non-nuclear sectors.
  • Adopts creative solutions to lead within a challenging business environment.
  • Demonstrates and transfers sound knowledge and skills in the financial aspects of the business.
  • Identified and implements opportunities to maximise and capitalise upon opportunities for profit for performance.
  • Actively and proactively assesses key clients’ business and changing needs.
  • Promotes solutions that fully utilises the JV’s capacities whilst addressing customer needs.
  • Initiates and develops relationships to promote open communications and mutual understanding.
  • Constantly seeks out and identifies opportunities to create value for the customer.   
  • Identifies and explores ways to catalyse the special expertise and comparative advantage of partners to meet client.
  • Co-ordinate to minimise unnecessary duplication, generate synergy and ensure integration of efforts and resources.
  • Works with the customer to define and deliver joint goals, ways of working, and governance.
  • Identifies key stakeholders and works to understand their needs and interests.
  • Consistently acts in the best interest of staff and its clients.
  • Consistently seeks opportunities to work across business units and presents a unified approach with the client.


At First Recruitment Group we understand just how important it is to secure the right people. That is why our Recruitment Consultants always take the time to understand requirements in detail and offer sound advice to both clients and candidates.

We actively recruit at all levels and this is a superb opportunity for Resourcing Manager’s looking for new employment.

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