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First Recruitment Group offer a strong, reputable 15 year experience working within Oil & Gas, providing manpower on all the latest projects and on oil rigs on a global scale. Our dedicated consultants work with some of the largest Oil & Gas companies in the world, giving you access to a variety of contract and perm roles.

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  1. Geotechnical Engineer


    Area: Aberdeen

    Sector: Oil & Gas

    Salary: Negotiable

  2. Marine Superintendent


    Area: Africa

    Sector: Oil & Gas

    Salary: Negotiable

  3. Engineering Watch Rating & Navigational Watch Rating


    Area: UK

    Sector: Oil & Gas

    Salary: Negotiable

  4. Mechanic


    Area: Aberdeen

    Sector: Oil & Gas

    Salary: Negotiable

  5. Mechanic Foreman


    Area: Aberdeen

    Sector: Oil & Gas

    Salary: Negotiable

  6. Senior Hook-Up Engineer


    Area: France

    Sector: Oil & Gas

    Salary: Market related

  7. Proposal Manager


    Area: Hampshire

    Sector: Oil & Gas

    Salary: Negotiable

  8. Installation Analysis Project Engineer


    Area: Greater London

    Sector: Oil & Gas

    Salary: Negotiable

  9. Electrical Design Engineer


    Area: Isle of Wight

    Sector: Oil & Gas

    Salary: Market related

“I was kept informed of the process in a very timely manner and they dealt with my questions and found the answer to them right away.”
Oil & Gas Industry Candidate

Oil rig job disciplines

There are a wide variety of areas we cover when it comes to working on an oil rig. They include but are not limited to:

  • Operations & Inspection
  • Structural
  • Technician
  • Technologist
  • Marine
  • Project Management
  • Safety and HSE
  • Project Engineers and Managers
  • Production
  • HR
  • Electrical and Technical
  • Engineering
  • Drilling
  • Maintenance
  • Welding
  • Admin

What to expect when you work on an oil rig

There is a common misconception that oil rigs are noisy and dirty with limited access to the outside world, which may have been true a number of years ago. However, in today’s modern world, working on an oil rig is vastly different.

Most oil rig workers find themselves working 12 hours shifts, with 12 hours off, and often sharing a room with someone else, but in today’s day and age, there are many luxuries that come with the job too.

Bedrooms are often more like hotel rooms, furnished to a high standard, with all your meals catered for and leisure facilities including a gym, TV’s and the all-important one, connection to the outside world, which means you can contact your loved ones on a regular basis.

Working offshore on an oil rig offers a great deal of opportunity for both entry level and experienced workers, with positions ranging from Rig Managers/Toolpushers and Drillers, to Motormen and Roustabouts.

To get to an oil rig you have to fly by helicopter, undertaking basic offshore and emergency training first. You will typically need to wear thick clothing, a diving suit and a life jacket.

One of the most attractive things about work on an oil rig is the time off. Once you get there you will typically work two weeks on, two weeks off. Some of the more skilled jobs work two weeks on, three weeks off, meaning you only work a 22 hour working week. If you work on a Norwegian oil rig you can work two weeks on, four weeks off.

Pay rates can vary depending on if you are contracting or permanent, as well as which company you work for. Senior electrical, mechanical and technical skills often pay between £50k - £100k.

Working internationally

At First Recruitment Group, we work with many national and overseas clients on high value projects. We have placed candidates across the UK, from Aberdeen to London, and across the world, predominantly across Africa in Ghana and Kenya, and Europe including France, Germany, Italy and Norway.

At First Recruitment Group, we understand just how important it is so stay up to date with all the latest happenings within the industry, which is why it gives us an advantage that we have so many of our clients choosing to work with us time and time again to find them the right staff.

As openings continue to pop up at an increased rate, we’re confident the Offshore Oil & Gas industry is set to thrive in the coming years, meaning it is a promising industry to get in to.

Looking after our candidates

When you register your CV with us we will then let you know when we find vacancies that suit your skills. We will always ask permission before submitting your CV to a client. We can also assist with interviews prep and arrangement, providing you feedback on your progress. Finally we can help with the offer stage, ensuring you get the pay rate that you need.

Our aim is to make the full experience as smooth as possible helping to arrange the necessary documentation so that you can start your position on time. We will create a clear list of requirements such as work permits / visas, insurances, security clearances and any other information, helping with reminders.

Depending on the requirements of the role we can also help with mobilisation including medicals, logistics etc… in-country social security and contributions, and payroll if required.

By offering these additional services, it ensures we keep both our clients and candidates compliant every step of the way.

Compliance and screening

We’re always conscious of ensuring our candidates feel safe and free from risk when using us as their agency, which is why we follow strict legal guidance from local governments, APSCo and from our clients.

We also aim to make things as easy as possible by having a dedicated Contractor Care Team who assist with things such as security checks, insurances and sending out general reminders, which in turn makes the process painless and efficient.

Alongside our Contractor Care Team, we also have our in-house payroll team who work tirelessly to ensure invoices and timesheets are dealt with efficiently so that both clients and candidates can relax and let us take care of everything.

What our candidates say

“Excellent throughout. Right from the initial phone call they kept me informed at each stage and were available to answer my questions at any time.”
“The recruiter I dealt with stayed late to talk to me about my contract as that was the most convenient time for me.”
“My experience with First Recruitment Group has been the best so far.”
“The help advice and response I'm receiving is first class.”
“Extremely polite and helpful. Would highly recommend to anyone.”

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